Saturday, February 27, 2010


Well, here we are! This is the beginning of Pura Vida Kettlebells. This blog will be dedicated to strength training. However, let us not limit ourselves by assuming we are only talking about being strong on the outside.

In Costa Rica, the term "Pura Vida" means pure life.  Ticos and Ticas (people from Costa Rica) use this phrase as a greeting or an exclamation.  It is the "Lechaim" of Costa Rica.  To life!  Pure Life!  When I first heard it, it became a challenge.  Akin to a quest.  It was asking me a question.  For me living Pura Vida mean developing a strong body, mind and spirit.  It's about being grateful for the gifts I've received and will receive.  Pura Vida means honoring this planet and honoring the body.  Both gifts given to us to fully experience this life. The question was muddied, jumbled.  I knew I was being put to task by an unseen force.  Eventually, I came to the basic understanding that what is being asked of me is:

How connected are you to your body and how well rooted are you to this planet you live on?  Can you use the physical to aid in your transition back to the spiritual?

When we are born, we are still deeply rooted to the spiritual plane.  As we age we tend loose sight of the great beyond and our inner connection with Spirit.  Many use the name God.  Others Yaweh, Jahovah, Alah, and some Buddah or Krishna.  To me, it's the same spirit.

Over the years, elements like nicotine, alcohol, and other fun but destructive chemicals clouded and broke my connection to spirit.  I allowed that to happen and now in this stage of my life, I strive towards reconnecting to Spirit.  Sooner or later we will all reconnect with Spirit.  Isn't it better to do that now?

As I went through the initial process of cleaning out my spiritual closet, I found that by strengthening my body and pushing myself at the gym I was able to allow that mindset of strength and will to bleed into my spiritual life.  As time went by I saw that my spiritual life was starting to run into my physical training as well.  I was able to let a little faith in to allow my strength to flow.

For strength, I train mostly with Russian Kettlebells.  By challenging and pushing the limits of our body we can develop our inner strength and character.  Inner strength can be forged from the outside in.

The Russian Kettlebell is the main tool I have chosen.  I have found to be the most effective at not only developing physical strength but forging the heart and passion of a warrior.  And a peaceful warrior at that.  In Dan Millman's book Way of the Peaceful Warrior, the wise and peaceful warrior named Socrates tells Dan, "Your business is not to 'get somewhere' - it is to be here."  Kettlebell training will not only get you stronger physically, but will also help you to learn to be here.

This blog will be dedicated to training for Pura Vida.  Training for strength of body, mind and spirit.  For bridging the gap between this world and the next.  For connecting to or reconnecting to the Great Spirit (what ever you want to call it)  I would like this to become a forum for people to come to exchange ideas and stories about how physical training has helped them to reconnect with spirit.  Here we will explore, learn, grow, connect and become stonger humans...

Welcome and Pura Vida!