Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training Journal 3/30/11

OK, let's see if we can create a habit here with this journal thing...

Warm Up: 

Jumping Jacks 100, Pumps 3 x 5, Hip Flexor Stretches


24 kg Dbl Clean, Squat & Press with Pull Ups 3 ladders of 1,2,3,4
12 Bulldog Swings/ 6 Triceps Extensions on the Rings 8 rounds in 15 minutes

Overall, good things happened here.  Rings hanging from a thick pine branch for pull ups and triceps extensions is always a manly feeling....

Focused on pulling deep into the squat, getting tight before the press and holding at the top of the pull up.  Bulldog swings felt great and triceps are pumped.

Back for more soon.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Training Journal - March 28, 2011

Why is it so hard for me to transfer my training journal to the blog?  I write down and track all my workouts and really want to record it online but way more often than not, I literally forget to do it after I train.  This is my journey to 200 snatches in 10 minutes, the pistol and an 88 pound Kettlebell press.

Then I say to myself, if this is your biggest problem here, you're doing OK.  You're worried about transferring your hand written training log to cyberspace.  At least you're working out!  At least you're recording and tracking your progress.  At least you have a game plan.  You're doing better then probably 75% of the people out there.  Don't be so hard on your self!

Well, let's take a look at some of the "reasons" I have for not putting my training journal on-line...
  1. I don't have time
  2. I'm afraid I'll forget to bring my hard copy back to the car
  3. It's too much effort
Any of this crap sound familiar?  And while we're at it, I am going to be too hard on myself.  This isn't a comparison/contrast of me verses the rest of the world, this is about me following through.

So what's the main difference here.  I said, "I really want to record it online."  That's it, "really want" is the problem on two levels.
  1. Wanting leads to more wanting.  You can want something all you want but it doesn't mean you'll do anything about it.
  2. When you leave the zone of want, you move into action.
Time is ALWAYS a bullshit excuse.  Pardon my French.  I won't get into now but just know it is.

So without further to do...


Superjoints to warm up
Wall Squats and Pumps - 3 sets of 5
Goblet Squats @ 16 with TGU's @ 24 - 3 sets of 5
Club Swings Movements 1 and 2 alternating with 1+1 Windmills
24 kg Snatches 10+10 x 8 - 50 seconds of work/1:20 of rest

Next time will get 10 rounds and then reduce the rest to 1:10...

Be back with more Wednesday night.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ode to the Kettlebell

Give me an open park with dewy grass
On an abnormally brisk March evening

Give me a rising moon and
The glare of the streetlamps on the wet road

Give me a tall thick pine tree
With sturdy branches to hang my rings

Give me pull ups and dips
To test my strength

Give me Giryas and Poods
To Swing and Press long into the night

Some may call this the poor man's gym
But tonight I tell you,
As I catch my breath
I am the richest man alive!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Goblet Squats: How To and How Come

Goblet Squats 101 by Dan John

From the Goblet Squat master himself, Dan John guides us though the ins and outs of the Goblet Squat and how you can plug it into almost any body type, size and fitness level.

Dan John is a great writer.  Simple, funny, specific and true.  Enjoy!  I know I did!