Saturday, September 15, 2012

Maximum Strength & Conditioning - The Ultimate Workouts To Coach Yourself To Supreme Fitness

Your quest is strength and conditioning. You can search the internet for strength exercises, training courses to get into peek physical condition, and workout routines for strength and conditioning.  You will find so much data, you will be overwhelmed and tempted to give up.  The biggest problem a person looking to get into shape has is lack of appropriate knowledge which will ultimately wind up resulting in either no results or injury. 

In this blog, we are going to look at the essentials to strength and conditioning and I will then turn you on to the lowest cost method for getting in and staying in the best shape of your life.  The strength and conditioning you will achieve will go well beyond cosmetic and into strength of mind and spirit.  Mixed Martial Artists, Traditional Martial Artists, Gymnasts, Power lifters, Runners, all develop what I call the warrior spirit.  They are willing to push themselves, get uncomfortable and suffer for their art and passion.  Mastery of the ego will also be developed as you follow the path I'm about to put you on.  There's more to this than just looking good naked.  If your only goal is to look good naked, then this will help you, but you'll probably fair better with a plastic surgeon.  True strength of body, mind and spirit requires work.  If you're not willing to put in the work, you can move on now.

We're going to split this up into two categories.  Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced.

Beginner - Total Body Mastery Part 1.

Don't let this be you!
Your body.  It's your vehicle for 80 plus years.  You need to know it.  You need to familiarize yourself with how it functions, moves and develops.  Your body is unique, just like you.  Movement is essential to knowing your body.  In this "information" age we spend so much time sitting and so little time plowing fields, hunting and gathering that we have lost the true connection with our body we've had in the past.  For centuries we have studied the development of the body but only since the last 150 years, since The Industrial Revolution, have we found the need to recapture the essential exercises that make use limber, strong and healthy.  Sitting at a desk all day is not healthy.  Period.  You must move.  Why is obesity such a massive problem right now?  We're not moving like we used to!  We're all going to wind up fat and atrophied like the people in Wall-E if we're not careful!

So, how do you reclaim your body?  Start here:  Convict Conditioning.  This book by Paul "Coach" Wade is a step by step guide to master what the book calls, "using the lost secrets of supreme survival strength."  Your current condition is irrelevant with this book.  You can be in the worst shape of your life and still do this program.  How?  You start out just moving.  Coach Wade will put you on a program that progresses over time starting you out with the basics of the basics.  Can you do a push up?  No?  No problem.  What about a push up against a wall?  The first exercise in this program is Push Ups against a wall.  What about squatting?  Can you sit in a chair and stand back up?  Can you lay on your back and bring your knees up?  These are calisthenics.  That word originates from Kalos Sthenos.  It means beautiful strength.  You have it now, you just need to let it out.

Here's the true beauty of it.  These "simple" movements are not easy.  If you're in decent shape already, you'll need to tame your ego and do them anyway.  If you're in poor condition, you will discover them to be harder than you expected.  However with practice, commitment and dedication, you can master these movements.  And that is what you will also develop.  Commitment, dedication and a unique understanding of the difference between "working out" and practicing a movement.

Coach Wade spent a good 20 plus years "inside" studying the art and science of strength and movement.  It was in this time that he developed and perfected the path to "bust free of all weakness."  Since being in a cell for 90% of the day, he found himself with only one piece of equipment.  His body.  Your body is the ultimate and cheapest piece of exercise equipment you can get.  If you are out of touch with your body, Convict Conditioning is the way to go.  Bar None.  Pun Intended.

So for you as the beginner, what you want to do now is to get locked up with Convict Conditioning.  Spend as much time on it as you want.  Take your time with it.  Coach Wade divides the progressions to strength up in to 6 fundamental Power Moves each with 10 Steps to Mastery.  Each step comes with 3 Standards.  So if we use pushups, there's 30 levels you will need to accomplish and work up to before you've mastered the Push Up.  This could take weeks, months or years and you're entitled to take as much time as you need.  What you're not entitled to do is quit.  When you buy this book, study it and decide to do it, you don't get to give up.  These exercises are progressions.  Meaning you progress through it.  You may need to tough it out at some point.  It is when you do that, that you will find true strength, develop your spirit and your will.  This will filter over into all other aspects of your life.  Guaranteed. 

Next up we will look at Part 2 of The Beginners guide to Total Body Mastery when we plug in a ancient tool to further aid you in your quest for the perfect balance of strength and conditioning.

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