Friday, June 4, 2010

Easy Like Sunday Morning... on a Thursday

Whenever you have an opportunity to quote Lionel Ritchie...  take it!

Thursday started with a warm up of Joint Mobility then light Clean & Press ladders of 1,2 for 4 rounds using the 32.  In between ladders I practiced the Pistol.  Lowering myself as low as possible under as much control as posible and to my suprise I got pretty low under much more control than I've had in the past.  Once I got down to bottom, I'd stretch the extended leg and practiced genetating as much static tension as possible trying to stand back up.  A few close calls with getting out of the hole, but we're still quite far from the cigar.  Clean & Press felt pretty solid. 

Snatch session after was 12 sets of 6/6 with no time limit.  Just looking for 144 solid reps.  Next week I'll see how fast I can get those 12 sets of 6/6...  Each set felt strong and tight. 

Cooled off with some mild stretching and hanging.  All in all good training was had by all.

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