Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So what's been going on lately...

Well there was periodontal surgery in July.  That was fun.  August was recovery.  September found my immune system still trying to reset.  I started back to training, even slowly at first.

1 Workout would look like this:
  • 1 Arm Bulldog Swings  1 x 3/3
  • 1 Arm Clean & Press @ 32kg 1 x 3/3
  • 1 Arm Bottoms Up Press @ 24kg 1 3/3
  • Pull Ups & Dips Superset 1 x 5
  • 1 Arm Front Squats @ 24kg 1 x 3/3
  • Finish with 12 minutes of Snatches sets of 5/5
Workout 2 would repeat the above except sub in 12 minutes of Bulldog Swings instead of Snatches.  I worked up to sets of 5, then 2 sets of 5 with a goal of 5 x 5.  On each Swing/Snatch workout, I'd try to add a rep or set just; improve slightly each time.

All the while my immune system was/is trying to reset after the surgery.  Amazing how the oral surgery wreaked havoc on my body systemically.  I started getting canker sores, sore throats, nasal drip, allergy attacks that seemed stronger than just the normal hey fever that would pop up this time of year.  My system was rocked.  Even on such a light (for me) routine, I quickly became over trained.  I felt sluggish, depressed and like I was coming down with something.  Just blah!

So...  I backed off.  Way off.  AGAIN!  Not happy about it, but not interested in getting hurt or sick either, I down shifted to Qi Gong Recharge, Super Joints, and Club Practice when I felt like it.  Once or twice a week, tops!

On 9/26, I thought, OK.  What have you wanted to do KB but haven't tried yet, workout wise?  I need to regain my strength and strength endurance while not slipping back into an over trained condition. 

Beyond Bodybuilding Has a section Pavel titled Russian Fatigue Cycling and I've wanted to plug KB's into that for a long time. 

In my next blog here, I'll tell you how I did it, where I'm at now and what my next move will be...  so stay tuned, kiddies!

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