Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To Perform A Turkish Get With A Very Heavy Kettlebell

Wednesday 5/25/11 marked the first time this Girevik successfully handled a Turkish Get Up with The Bulldog, a 40 kg (88 pound) Kettlebell.  Mine is affectionately named George.

Oh, I have tried in the past, mind you but the last time I attempted this it seemed as if it left the actual bone in my forearm sore.  I quickly felt like I did not have enough static strength or control to manage this burden.  This was about a year or so ago and the image of my ulna and radius snapping in half under the weight enabled me to "shelve" the Bulldog TGU for a while.

So...  What's happened since?

How To TGU with a Bulldog

The answer is the same as any good "I need directions" joke.  Excuse me, how do you get to Carnegie Hall?


Step #1:  Swings, Swings, and more Swings.  Get as comfortable with this weight as humanly possible.  Until one fully owns the Swing with a given weight any other KB drill should just stay on the shelf.

Step #2:  The last several months have involved TGU practice with a 24kg bell 2 to 3 times a week.  This practice was textbook Kalos Sthenos.  From "Kettlebells From The Ground Up," I would spend the early portion of my workout practicing each progression of the TGU and doing Goblet Squats as an active rest.

Step #3:  TGU "as if."  Lift the 24 as if its 40 and see what that does.

Step #4:  Every once in a while, when you're feeling good sub in a 32 for the 24 when doing your Get Up practice.

Step #5:  GTG With COC. (Translation:  Grease the Groove with Captains of Crush Trainer)  You gotta be able to grip the snot and a few other excretions out of the horn to full command this heavy burden.  This step 5 was something of a bonus WTH effect for me.  I realized yesterday at work that working this gripper periodically through out the day has more than likely not only improved grip strength but over all strength as my "irradiation" skills improved too. 

FINAL THOUGHT:  Mind you, this was not a "perfect" TGU.  It was a bit wobbly, the high hip bridge was more of a mid-range hip bridge and backing through the last few steps was a bit rushed.  That being said, I elevated an 88 pound Kettlebell over head from a lying position, stood up and got back down under complete control because I can do a perfect TGU with a lighter weight and have treated that lighter weight with the utmost respect.  So the WTH effect is in...  effect!

This also required total concentration and certain muscles that don't normally fire, fired and fired hard.

The actual workout for that day looked like this:

  • Jump Rope 5 minutes (this skill is also improving)
  • Overhead Squats and Pumps 3 sets of 5
  • 1+1 TGU with George
  • 16kg Windmills 1+1 x 3 alternated with Club Swings movements 1-3
  • Snatches 5 minutes on the Gymboss 24 kg bell.  Descending ladder 16/14/12 = 84 reps
So now what?

Well this is part of the progression of the press for me.  One of my goals this year is to press George.  I will continue to practice and perfect the TGU with the Bulldog.  I am also incorporating Bulldog Cleans into  another part of my workout so I am progressing towards a glorious press and on Wednesday, I felt closer than ever!

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