Monday, May 2, 2011

Sunday Morning Snatchfest Followed By Monday Night Kettlebell Smackdown

Sunday morning was May First.  5 months into the new year.  WOW.  Climbing the ladder to 200 in 10 is proving to be some work.  100 in 5 is one thing.  Double that is something entirely different all together.

Sunday:  Warm Up with Qi Gong Recharge
              O/H Squats with 35# bar and Pump Stretch 3 x 5
              Goblet Squats @ 16kg and TGUs with 24kg KBs 3 x5/1+1
              Club Swings 15+15 with Movements 1-3 plus Windmills @ 16kg KB 1+1
              Snatch @ 24kg KB 10+10 x 8 :50work/:60 rest

Still a little windy but not nearly as bad as the dust bowl that was Saturday morning.  Wednesday I will hit this 10+10x10 mark. 

Monday:  Warm Up with Super Joints
                32kg MP+Pull Ups+F2G* Squats  30 minutes of as many ladders as possible
                (1-5 rep on the MPs and Pull Ups & 2-10 on Squats). Worked up to 2 ladders up to 5/10
                and 1 ladder up to 2 before timer went off. 
                Push Ups(6)+Pull Overs(6)+Bulldog Swings(12)  Timer at 15 minutes.  6 rounds.

Finished Stronger.  Will work for 3 ladders up to 5 in 30 minutes and then expand the clock to add volume  on the first trio and shoot for 7 on the second trio.

*Feet Together Squats

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