Monday, May 30, 2011

Another 40 kg TGU and a workout 5/29/11

Ok, so I did it again.  Turns out this might be an improving skill and not just a fluke!  Another TGU with the Bulldog I like to call George.

On this day, I warmed up with Super Joints, Jumped rope for 5 minutes, did 3 sets of Overhead Squats and Pump Stretches and then settled into another set of Turkish Get Ups with an 88 pound Kettlebell.

How did it go this time?  Well I filmed it, as you can see.  This was stronger than the last one for a couple reasons.  First, I didn't rest between sides.  Last time I rested about a minute.  Next time I will do the same.  It's important to note that next time I will also pay closer attention to the decent on left side as the final portion was rushed.  In retrospect, I think my mind got in the way.  Meaning I realized what I was doing!  It's important to own each movement of the Get Up.

Next time I will also drive more from the heal in the beginning.  I feel like I have a solid grip and handle on the bell so I will devote a little more attention to the drive and get my arms more at a 45 degree angle in the beginning of the movement.  This will help with control.  I rolled up instead of drove up. 

So I got a few things to work on, but am still quite proud of this achievement.  I am looking forward to fully owning the Bulldog TGU.

The rest of the session included some Goblet squats, Windmills, Club Swings and 1 descending ladder of 24kg Snatches.  14/12/10/8/6.

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