Monday, May 30, 2011

Training Session from Friday 5/27

A successful session with a little minimal variety!

After a brief warm up, I launched into Double 24's.  Squat+Press+Pull Up.  20 minutes on the Gymboss.  4 Ladders up to 3 reps.  Next time, I'll shoot for all 5 ladders.  I've reduced the time by 10 minutes as I am looking to bump intensity and density.

Finished with Bulldog Swings and Push Ups.  For the pushups, I use Elite Rings and lowered them close to the ground then put my feet on a step.  This was also in an attempt to increase density and intensity.  15 minutes.  I kept the Swings at sets of 12 and for the push ups, worked to almost failure each time.  Some times I'd go slow, others at a higher pace.  It was a good 15 minutes.

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