Sunday, May 1, 2011

Training Journal for 4/30 Rich Man's Gym Gets Blown Away

OK, so Rich Man's Gym is open when it's hot and when it's cold.  If it rains, there's a big ass tree to keep me and my Kettlebells 85% - 95% relatively dry.  When it's night time, there are street lamps and the lights of the park to light my way.  Basically, Rich Man's Gym is very similar to the Postal Service in the fact that weather will not prevent training...  until it gets windy.  Either way, there will be no shooting.

Here in lies the down side of out door training during a wind advisory.  Rich Man's Gym get's dusty as hell.  Plus all kinds of pollen and crap gets stirred up.  Last time I trained in the wind, I had to finish early because my chest and lungs started to feel like they did pre-2002 and remind me of nights spent drinkin' and smokin' too much.  The good news there is I learned how to stop smoking without killing anyone and haven't smoked since '02. 

However, a heavy snatch workout should not leave you coughing and feeling like you just smoked a pack and half of Camels in one night.  Slightly exaggerated to emphasize a point.  Bottom line, when I hit Balboa park on Saturday morning, there was a haze of dust and pollen hanging in the air that just said, "Well, Dave, perhaps you'll fair better just going back home and trying that workout you saw last week on T-Nation."

Or at least one drill...  so here's how Saturday went down.  Was supposed to Snatch but instead...

Triceps Push Ups with Feet Elevated On A Swissball like so:
That is not me by the way...

I did 6 reps of that alternated with 6 Feet Together Squats (FTGS) working to get as low as possible and still stay on my heals.

20 minutes of that followed up by another 15 minutes of Hanging Leg Raises (6) and Home Made Single Leg Donkey Calf Raises on the stairs (6+6)

In a few minutes, I'm going to go try this Snatch workout again...

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