Saturday, April 30, 2011

Training Journal for 4/23, 4/25 and 4/27

Every other day is the plan right now and I am alternating workouts between my quest for 200 snatches in 10 minutes and pressing the Bulldog and doing a Pistol.  Last week I felt like I had peaked in terms of training and decided to back off a bit, so...

4/23:  Warm Up Super Joints
          32 kg KB 1-Arm MP(3+3)/Pull Ups(3)+F2G Squats(6) in a circuit for 20 minutes EDT Style
          Ring Push Ups(6) and  Bulldog Swings (12) 15 minutes EDT style
          HLR with Pumps 2 x 5 

4/25:  Warm Up Jump Rope* 5 minutes
          O/H Squats (35# Bar) + Pumps 3 x 5
          Goblet Squats (16kg KB) + TGU's (24kg KB) 3 x 5/1+1
          Club Swings (Practice Movements 1-5) + Windmills (16kg KBl) 1+1
          Snatches 24kg KB 10+10 :50 work/:60 rest 7 rounds

4/27: Warm Up Super Joints
         Double Bell (24) Squat and Press/Pull Ups 20 minutes EDT Style
         Walking Lunge (25 yards) + Ring Push Ups (6) + Sprint (25 yards)**  15 minutes


*This whole "jump rope" thing really isn't 5 minutes of me jumping rope.  It's actually 5 minutes of my uncoordinated ass trying not to fall on my face intermingled with a few brief minutes of some movement pattern that vaguely resembles effective jump roping... 

**  This was a improvised smoker and worked out quite nicely.  Walking lunge for 25 yards up to my low hanging rings, bang out 6 push ups and then run back the 25 yards, take a real quick breather, like 10-15 seconds and repeat.  Worked out quite nicely. 

Rich Man's Gym is evolving and growing so watch out!

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