Sunday, April 3, 2011

Training Journal for 4/3/11

So after a nice warm up of Super Joints, I dialed into my routine...

32kg Military Press, Pull Ups and F2G Squats with a Hamstring Stretch at the end.  Ladders of 1 for 1 on the MPs and Pull Ups and double the reps on F2Gs.  F2G, by the way, stands for Feet Together.  Since I'm working towards a pistol I took my que from Danny Clark's article on Dragon Door and subbed Box Squat Pistols for Feet Together Squats.  I want 5 ladders up to 10 with a pause at the bottom before returning to Box Pistols. 

So here's how it looked.:

32kg MP 1+1 / Pull Up 1 / F2G Sq 2 / Toe Touch (from Relax into Stretch)
32kg MP 2+2 / Pull Up 2 / F2G Sq 4 / Toe Touch
32kg MP 3+3 / Pull Up 3 / F2G Sq 3 / Toe Touch

Worked up to two ladders of 5 and then 1 ladder of 3.  Next time we'll hit 3 ladders of 5.

Finished with 15 minutes of alternating 12 Bulldogs Swings and 6 Ring Pullovers.  Got 9 rounds of that.  Next time I think I'm going to sub in Walking Lunges and Push Ups for 15 minutes in an EDT style and see what that does for my leg strength.  I'll welcome comments on that.  I think it'll be a nice addition to the Dbl 24 Front Squats I'm doing on my other strength day.

Looking forward to Tuesday night snatch fest!  Que Bevis and Butthead comments now...

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