Monday, April 11, 2011

Training Journal 4/11/11

The Rich Man's Gym
Some may call it a poor man's gym but I would beg to differ.  May I present The Rich Man's Gym! 

Tonight's training took a turn for the better as I hit a target.  3 ladders up to 5 reps in the 1-Arm-Kettlebell Military Press with a 32 kg 'Bell.  When you do the math out that's 45 reps per side, 90 total and 2,880kgs lifted (72 pounds x 90 reps is 6480 for those not with the whole metric thing)

In addition I followed each rung up with a pull up ladder and matched that with Feet Together Squats.  The only difference on that is I doubled the volume for the squats.  I'm practicing lowering myself slowly and pausing at the bottom.   The Feet Together Squat is also a great exercise for people in the jock strap business because it's a perfect example of "make sure your hammer and sickles are in the right spot before trying to bounce your ass off your calves."  Otherwise it was a great workout!

So volume is up.  Ya-Whoo!  Next time I'll see if I can get 4 rounds.

Normally I'd wrap things up with some Bulldog Swings and some kind of ring push up or pull over, but instead (and on a whim) I thought, lets do walking lunges and push ups.  Looked good on paper, but my legs were already smoked from the Feet Together Squats so I definitely earned my meat and veggies tonight.

The music was The Young Dubliners.  Always a treat and inspiration.  Get's my Celtic blood-a-pumpin.

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