Sunday, March 14, 2010

Breezy Sunday Morning... Doing it Old School!

This was the set up for Sunday morning.  What I like to call doin' it old school.  It's an adaptation of a dumbbell routine I read in a Sandow book.  I'm going to do a whole blog and video on this routine later, so keep an eye out...

A little light dumbbell work, some club swinging and casting, push ups, sit ups, a turn with the chest expander, squats and a little core work.  The purpose of this routine is to promote movement, circulation and to prepare the body for what is to come, which today was Hindu Squats and Double Snatches.

The Gymboss timer came out to play today as well as Scott Joplin's Greatest Hits.

1 minute of work, 1:30 seconds of rest.

10 Hindu Squat and 10 Double Snatches (16kg Kettlebells) in 1 minute and a minute and a half of rest.  10 rounds.

Finished with Hanging Leg Raises, and Relax into Stretch a bit and headed off to work.

The warm up was, as it always is, fun and a great way to get going.  The workout itself quickly evolved into a challenge.  By the 6th set the inner debate was me walking a fine line between getting the work done and getting the work done right.  Most of this was mental.  Push aside the building fatigue, recognize it is there, but now it's time to dial in, dig in, and own it.  Each Snatch crisp and clean.  Each Hindu Squat fluid and smooth.  Fast and loose in the break time, Hardstyle in the work time.

Next time this workout comes around, I'm going to try resting 1:15 and see how that goes.  Volume will stay the same.  This is a workout for explosive strength, training the difference between squatting and hinging, and strength conditioning.  Very good work...  Pura Vida!

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