Sunday, March 7, 2010

German Volume Training Continues with...

Hindu Squats and Double Snatch.  This morning took care of 10 sets of 8.  No rest between drills except for the time it took to move to the bells for the Snatch.  I set the 16's down and marched back about 10 yards.  Did the Hindu's and then jogged over to the bells for the Double Snatch.  Then I'd give myself 1 minute to breathe a little before getting back at it.  I think next week I'll have no problem hitting the 10 sets of 10.  From there, I'll start compressing the rest.  Perhaps, the gymboss timer will emerge soon.  What nice about this is you get to train for explosive strength, getting in your conditioning, while getting in a real nice whole body workout.

I don't mean to toot my own horn but this workout wasn't very hard.  Granted it wasn't easy either.  It felt good to be able to dial into form and function and nail each rep with precision and not have to worry about too much fatigue.  So in that respect, it feels good to be at this level of conditioning.

Where I'm lacking and what I worked on is the Hindu Squat propper.  My balance ond coordination is improving and I am getting into the grove of pulling my self back and down, weight on the heals, then on the balls of the feet and up on the toes.  My breathing was in sinc and it felt fluid.

Switching to a Double Kettlebell Snatch is challenging in the fact that now there's a hip hinge and not a squat.  It's like flipping a switch in your mind and a good test of your ability to adjust your movement patterns.  Reciently I saw a video of someone throwing the bells back into the hike position of the Double Snatch instead of racking and and then back swing before snatching again.  I remembered doing Double Snatches at my RKC and Pavel told me to rack before Snatch, so I'm going with that.  Tossing them overfist and creating that kind of arc looks like an appointment with a chiropractor waititng to happen.  Besides, slowly guiding them to the rack position after an explosive movement is Hardstyle at it's finest.  I am lacking a little flexability in my left shoulder, so I will be working on that during the week.  Looks like some Arm Bars and TGU's for a warm up are in order.

Come Monday evening I'll play around with the Bulldog some.  Cleans and Swings.  Lots of rest if necessary.  Then Tuesday I'm working on Pistols and Bottoms Up Press.

The way I'm working the GVT now is 2 sessions of moderate weight and higher volume (10 sets of 5 - 10 reps) and then 2 sessions of heavy drills low reps (10 sets of 1-3).  Size and Strength woven together.  Soon I will start to reduce rest periods to keep the conditioning in check.  More to come...

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