Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sometimes it really is just all in your head...

Warm Up:  Super Joints and Pumps from ETK

Session:  Double 24 KB Front Squats with Renegade Rows.  10 x 5 with 2:30 rest period.  Down 30 seconds from last time.

Finish:  Hanging Leg Raises 5 x 5

Music of choice:  The Young Dubliners

Thoughts:  When the brain is ready to quit, know that you got at least another 3 to 4 sets in the bank.  Don't take that crap the brain dishes out.  Just got one more.  One more set, one more rep.  One rep at a time.  Keep at it until all the work is done.  You know what needs to get done.  You know what you are capable of.  If you're brain decides to fight you through the last 3 sets, well then that's just the brain's problem and has nothing to do with me finishing this work. 

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