Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GVT Strangth and Power Training - 3/8/10

Last nights training:

Bulldog Cleans 10 sets of 2/2

alterneted with

Bulldog Swings 10 sets of 10

Resting as long as it takes to feel that I will accomplish the task at hand as perfectly as possible.

You know, there's a big difference between Cleaning 24kg's of round iron and Cleaning 40kg's of Big Ol' Round Iron...  there shouldn't be, but for now there is.  Owning the Bulldog requires patience and perseverance.  Most people with proper training and some practice should be able to Clean their Snatch weight bell with relative proficiency.  It requires the strength and power of the Swing with the finesse of the Snatch.  I am currently developing the power to have the finesse...

Swings.  Hard Swings.  Hardstyle Hard Swings.  Heavy Hardstyle Hard Swings.  My time to man handle the Bulldog.

Music of choice to boil my Irish blood to wreak havoc on my Russian adversary:

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