Monday, March 15, 2010

Tonight's Strength Practice

Daylight savings time begins with a trip to Balboa Park after work.  The sun beginning to set, The Young Dubliner's on the boom box, the Bulldog staring menacingly at me, waiting for me to make a move.  Ultimately the questing arises, am I taming the Bulldog or is the Bulldog taming me?  I think it's really just a half full/half empty thing... 

Each session begins with Joint Mobility.  A little Qi dancing from Tiger QiGong today was tossed in for good measure to allow the strength to flow.  Between that and the Celtic Rock, the energy and testosterone level was high.

Bulldog Cleans 6 x 3/3
Bulldog Swings 9 x 12

So?  Who's taming who?  Chicken or Egg?  Today's goal was 10 sets of each.  I didn't complete the goal.  Bulldog 1, Dave 0.  I did however do sets of 3 Cleans verses last weeks 2.  Bulldog 1, Dave 1.  I stopped early because I felt like the form was slipping and I was beginning to muscle 88 pounds of iron.  Finish stronger and live to fight another day.  Bulldog 2, Dave 2 (that's a point for wisdom).  Upped the swings to sets of 12 from sets of 10 last week.  That's puts us at a tie.  Next week I'll do the 10 sets of both 3/3 with the Cleans and 12 with the Swings. Ultimate Goal, 10 sets of 5/5 with the Clean and 10 sets of 15 swings.

As with most untamed dogs, love and disciple is the key.  Train hard, train smart, and train well.

Today I felt confident in my hip snap with both the Clean and the Swing.  I also felt nicely rooted in the Swing.  Adding an extra rep to the Clean was challenging.  Which is why I stopped at 6 sets.  This is practice.  If I wanted to "workout", I'd have gone to the gym and hit the Elliptical or something like that...

I will continue on next week and work on improving the hip snap and firing the glutes with avengeance.  Also, as the volume increases with the Clean, guiding the bell into place and taming the arc all take on a whole new meaning.  An 88 pound Kettlebell is not a toy but a tool to develop the body, mind and spirit.  Mark my words, it will rise above me.  Rise like the Great Pumpkin on Halloween.  Slowly with determination and an air of grace.  

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