Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday Morning ETK

Saturday morning was a good solid session for me.

Warmed up with Super Joints and 5/5 TGU's. 

From there I worked the C&P, 4 ladders of 1,2 with the 32kg and alternated Box Pistols.  In the C&P, I focused on three specific things.  The first was bracing at the end of the Clean.  The second was to press from lats and the third was creating max tension with the non-pressing side.  Clearly when elevating 32kg's overhead, the pressing side will have more than enough tension, but how much more power can you generate when you direct some attention over to the non-pressing side and equal the amount of tension you're creating?

Still struggling with the Box Pistol.  The box is getting pretty low, so that's the good news.  The bad news is it feels like you're back to square one, relearning everything from this new depth.  Worked hard on gripping the ground and leaning forward.  Hitting bottom is the main issue right now.  It is my suspicion that my hamstrings might be a little too tight, so I'm going to work on stretching them out see what that does.  Also, I will see about getting tighter and staying tighter all the way down.  I think I'm loosing some tension the closer I get to bottom.  Tuesday will be my heavy day, so I'm gonna leave my box in the car and just practice pistols as low as I can go.  Will update on my findings.

Bulldog Swings finished up the workout, with dice rolls at the 9.  Decided on :20 work, :40 rest.  Set the gymboss timer and got to work.  I was averaging between 12 and 13 reps per set.  Swings felt good and solid.  Hands are sore though.  88 pounds trying to fly away can be a bit tough on the grip, but I'm happy about seeing any WTH effect on my Bottoms Up Press. 

Finished up with some hanging leg raises (5x5) and a few drills from Relax Into Stretch

Monday night will be some Clubbell Practice...

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