Friday, May 28, 2010

Tuesday/Wednesday - Heavy Day and Active Recovery

ETK ROP Heavy Day

My heavy day was...  well, heavy.  Clean and Press with the 32.  I did 5 ladders of 1,2,3.  That's 30 per side, 60 total.    1920kg lifted.  Phew!

Followed that up with 1 near max set of Swings with the Bulldog.  Got 22 good reps.  Anymore would have been sloppy.  Took a rest and knocked out 20 reps and then 18.  Called myself sufficiently smoked and went to stretch out.

Active Recovery

I love a nice day of Active Recovery.  Headed down to the beach off of Topanga Canyon and PCH.  Just below the Getty Villa, there a few nice spots.  I ran through John DuCane's Recharge and then Practiced Movement's 1 and 2 from Club Swinging Essentials.  From there I headed down to the old Muscle Beach.  Played on the rings for a while.  Overall, all was right with the world!

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