Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday in the Park with George and Lenny

Sunday morning's strength practice consisted of warming up with Super Joints and standard warm up from Enter the Kettlebell.

The workout consisted of alternating ladders with Clean and Press and Pistols.  Five ladders of 1,2.  The reason I'm calling this Sunday in the Park with Lenny and George is because, if you've read Grapes of Wrath, I feel like George on the Clean & Press and Lenny on the Pistol.

I finished the workout (or rather the workout finished me, however you want to look at it) with Bulldog Swings.  Dice rolls to determine the rounds and did :20 seconds of work with :40 seconds of rest.  Dice came back with a six, so it was six rounds set on the ol' Gymboss Timer.

On the press, I still need to work on keeping my shoulder packed down while pressing.  It also wouldn't hurt if I had just a tad more control on the decent.  The Clean feels solid and controlled but the bell tends to move or shift on my wrist as I start the press, so it's important to really stick the clean.  Take a moment to re-pressurize and generate a little extra force before pressing on.  Even if for just a split second.

Pistols...  OK George!  Diie-Uh...  YUP!  I'm like Sport Goofy over there.  But!  Maintaining tension and pulling myself deeper will be the focus.  Here's the basic plan.  Light day's I'm getting into the bottom position for some static holds.  Heavy days, I'm doing Box Pistols and Medium days we're doing what I like to call "Lenny" Pistols or the best I can manage at current skill level.  And that's the thing.  The Pistol really is a skill.  You, I, one must get VERY familiar with spacial awareness, trust in current strength, practice the techniques I have, not yield to gravity, be in balance and most importantly, believe that it will happen.  This if foreshadowing to a much larger blog...  I will continue on.  You'd think I'd have a copy of Naked Warrior on my night stand next to my bed, but I put in the bathroom where I will see it often and pay closer attention to it.

Swings.  Bulldog.  Heavy.  Punishing.  Work.  My right foot likes to creep out clockwise, so I need to stay in constant vigil there and I'd like to finish each Swing just a little tighter.

Heavy day coming on Tuesday.  Clubs tomorrow, video coming soon...

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