Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thurday and Friday Training

Thursday's training was the Light Day from the R.O.P. in Enter The Kettlebell and Friday I practiced with the Clubs.

Thursday looked like this:
Warm Up with Super Joints, ETK warm up, TGU's 5/5 with 16kg
32kg Clean and Press: 4 singles.
Box Pistols: 4 singles.
24kg Snatches:  12 sets of 5/5
Cool Down with Relax into Stretch

Felt good and solid.  Have not snatched with the 24 for any real volume lately so that was a nice little smoker at the end.  Didn't push too hard, really focused on form and power.  Did it in 13:35.  I did not work for time, but I did time my work.  Did a set, took whatever time I needed to feel ready to do another.  Next time around I'll compress that to under 12 minutes and then add reps.

Friday morning revolved around me old timey physical culture routine.  So the Indian Clubs came out.  And I got the new book and DVD from Grey Cook, Brett Jones and Dr. Ed Thomas.  Very excited about spending some quality time with the Clubs.  Friday I practiced and worked on the progressions from Dr. Thomas' original DVD.  Next week, I'll delve more into the new book and DVD.

Saturday (today) I'll be working through the Medium Day from R.O.P. and will report back on that tonight or tomorrow morning.

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