Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tuesday Heavy

Tuesday's my heavy day.  I don't have to report to my "real job" on Tuesdays, so I can train all day if I like.  Ironically here in sunny California on a Tuesday morning in Encino, it got cold, cloudy, misty, then rainy.  Fortunately, for me, I had the cover of some very large trees to get me through my Clean and Press/Box Pistols ladders.

So what's an Irish bloke to do when the weather starts acting like the land of my forefathers?  First, we take cover under the large trees.  Normally used to block out the sun and a favorite spot among weekend birthday party revelers, these large oak and pine with intermingled branches keep a small patch of Balboa park relatively dry.  We then fire up the old boom box with a little Lunasa and get to work.

After warming up with Super Joints and the warm up from Enter the Kettlebell, out comes the 32kg bell and I settle in to 4 ladders of 1,2,3.  Clean and Press left, then right.  Box Pistol left, then right.  For the Box Pistols, I'm down to tier 3 on the High Step.  However, for this workout, I left the box in the car and just practiced going as low as I can.  I have determined that my hams are too tight and won't allow for a full rock bottom pistol yet.  Also, I need to get comfortable with being in the bottom position of the pistol.  With that in mind, I think I'll make an adjustment here.  On Light Days, I'll focus on static holds and practice being in the bottom position.  Medium days will be pistols with no box, just going as low as I can without falling on my ass.  Heavy days will be the box pistol.  Needless to say, Pavel's Naked Warrior is always close a hand.  My current "day job" really doesn't allow for full blown GTG so instead, I've committed to always stand up with one leg.

The pressing is coming along fine, no major issues, just working on a smooth groove, keeping the shoulder down, lats flared and lots of tension.

My 12 Minute Man Maker turned into a 4 Minute Getterdun as the rain began to seep through the trees and the wind kicked up.  So it was me and the Bulldog for 4,8,12,16, 20, and called it like a rained out baseball game, as a wet horn on an 88 pound Kettlebell is really just asking for something to go horribly wrong.

The press the Bulldog/pistol quest will continue...

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